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Background of the care center


The "Sacred Heart" is a religious hospice which belongs to the Congretion Daughter of Charity which was established in France in 1640, named after the order “ Filles de la Charité Vincent de Paul “, it mission being help to the needy.


The Sacred heart Hospice is a non-profit institution , established in 1976, managed by the sister and under supervision of the Ministry of Social Welfare – the service for handicapped, in order to provide an answer to the needs of people with severe handicaps.

The center is home to 60 nursing inhabitants most of whom are severely mentally retarded, wheel chaired and in very bad health. 23 of the children are tube fed and many are oxygen dependent.

The  childrens come from the whole country, both genders, from the age of 4 months to 24 years, from all religions, Jews and Arabs; {53% Jews – 40% Muslims – 7% Christians}.


The convent also houses a day care center, populated by some 200 healthy Haifa children aged 3 months to 6 years.

In the dormitory: about 90 workers are employed in various tasks and  in the day care center: 23 employee.

Main Goals


* To develop and provide high quality services, designed individually for each resident, with the goal to enrich his/her life and improve overall abilities and capacities.

* To provide high quality standards of living areas with homey atmosphere.

* To strengthen the relations between residents and family members and to encourage family involvement in their children’s life at the institution.  

* To increase awareness and sensitivity of the community for the needs of people with intellectual disabilities.

* To serve as a center for training and intervention approaches with this specific population.

Main Projects

*  Building a treatment pool – we plan to build a treatment pool during the coming two years. The pool will serve the institutional residents and children with ID from the community in Haifa and the surroundings.

* Leisure hours – This is a major and significant part of the residents’ life. The Home’s residents benefit from a diversity of enrichment classes tailored to match their skills and encourage enjoyment and interaction with the physical and social environment in which they live. The range of classes available at the Home include: A playroom, computer, music, art, cooking, science amusement, story hour, fondling animals, swimming, sensory stimulation, etc.

Being together as family: within this project, each family (child with ID, parents and siblings) is invited to detach from outside reality and spend time together within the intimate and relaxed atmosphere of the “Snoezelen” room. Such activity is accompanied by an occupational therapist and occasionally by a social worker as well, who try to encourage interaction between family members and the children living at the institution.

Family leisure activity: On Saturdays, holidays/feasts, and in the afternoons – members are invited to take part in recreational activities and “fun” days planned for the entire family. During the summer, residents and siblings attend a family summer camp including outings and a wide range of activities oriented to all the family’s children.

The Home serves as a training facility for universities and colleges students, in the fields of special education, occupational therapy and physiotherapy. In addition we organize professional study days on the following subjects: Snoezelen, splints, seating and mobility equipment, family centered interventions, etc.

Maison du Sacre Coeur

Filles de la charite

Rue Allenby 13, P.O.Box 2106, Haifa 33092 Israel

Tel: 972 4 8673890

Email : info@ sc-haifa.org





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